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Sammamish Construction Update

by Cory Brandt

Mr. Brandt Builds a House:  Eagle Tree Property Update

Oh the joy’s of being a developer.  We have things that make you go BOOM, and we have stuff that actually doesn’t roll downhill.   Well – I would argue that in an 8” pipe that is 240’ long and almost 20’ deep that stuff will still roll downhill if there is a ¾” dip in one of the pipes.   I know – that only leaves 7 ¼” left – I don’t know what you guys flush – but I can guarantee nothing has ever gone down my toilet that took up 7 ¼”.   But…the tolerance was a ½” so dig it up we did.  Tuesday we get the camera out there and praying that we buried it right this time.  

Got to love development.  Even with all that my new favorite swear word – Patelco!   I just thought of that … kind of like it…except every time I use that swear word I’ll just have visions of money flying out of my wallet – Patelco!   Or delays – Patelco!   I better stop or I’ll get myself in trouble – but they’re not a fan favorite in my house.

So what now?  P-Plat!!!  That’s my new favorite word.  P-Plat is Preliminary Plat – it is where you do the engineering to a point where a builder/developer is willing to buy it off you based on a defined highest and best use.  But what you don’t have to do is dig, put in utilities, restore wetlands, pave roads, etc. etc.   

The finish line is near – and it is P-Plat from here on – YEE HA.  That way I can “relax” and sell houses (only from 9-5 of course).

The Reluctant, Realistic and Radiant Landlord

by Cory Brandt

Sell, Hold, or All-In


During the real estate downturn, many homeowners chose to rent their homes instead of trying to sell in a difficult market.  Now that the market is improving, a lot of folks are asking if they should continue as landlords, sell the property or add to their real estate portfolio.  There is a ace for each, but first you have to determine your "landlord" personality:  Reluctant, Realistic or Radiant.

The Reluctant Landlord
If you didn't want to rent your home in the first place, but were forced to by market conditions, then this may be the time for you to sell.  Being a landlord isn't for everyone.

The Realistic Landlord
If you understand what it takes to rent a house and manage a good relationship with a tenant, but still aren't at a good profit threshold to sell, then you may want to continue as a landlord.

The Radiant Landlord
If the thought of adding to your current rental is appealing, then you may want to start looking for other rental properties and build your real estate portfolio.


Mr. Brandt Builds a House in Sammamish

by Cory Brandt

We're making progress on the home building site on the Eagle Tree Property.  Here's a look at the what it takes to run utilities and sewer lines for new construction in Sammamish.

November Real Estate Market Update

by Cory Brandt

Did the Government Shutdown "Shutdown" Real Estate?


Not yetDespite the shutdown (and it's impact on lending) and the typical seasonal slow down we hit once fall and winter kick-in, October was a good month.  Year-to-date closed sales were up about 19% in 2013  and prices increased 11%.  Inventory is still about a 1.75 months supply.  In fact, inventory hasn't risen above a two months supply in 2013. 

Seattle and Eastside Neighborhoods: Look Before You Buy

by Cory Brandt

How Well Do you Know the Local Neighborhoods? Look before you leap into buying....

There are so many factors to consider before buying a house.  But, when you have children, it's even more important to weigh the various schools, parks and Cul-de-sacs.

Seattle Area Real Estate Outlook

by Cory Brandt

Are We Headed for Another Bubble?
Where is the local and the global marketplace heading...

With rising prices, many folks are concerned about another Real Estate Bubble.  But it's important to look at both the local and overseas influence; combined these  point to the return of a more normal market, not a bubble.

Mr. Brandt Builds a House in Sammamish

by Cory Brandt

Are you ready for chapter two? 

Here's a look at the Eagle Tree Property, just down the street from the Iceberg Rock.  We're finally moving dirt and getting ready to put in the utility trench.  This is the exciting part; when you finally see the lots take shape.

Displaying blog entries 1-7 of 7

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