Sell, Hold, or All-In


During the real estate downturn, many homeowners chose to rent their homes instead of trying to sell in a difficult market.  Now that the market is improving, a lot of folks are asking if they should continue as landlords, sell the property or add to their real estate portfolio.  There is a ace for each, but first you have to determine your "landlord" personality:  Reluctant, Realistic or Radiant.

The Reluctant Landlord
If you didn't want to rent your home in the first place, but were forced to by market conditions, then this may be the time for you to sell.  Being a landlord isn't for everyone.

The Realistic Landlord
If you understand what it takes to rent a house and manage a good relationship with a tenant, but still aren't at a good profit threshold to sell, then you may want to continue as a landlord.

The Radiant Landlord
If the thought of adding to your current rental is appealing, then you may want to start looking for other rental properties and build your real estate portfolio.