Special Projects

Special Projects

I usually hide my sidebar projects…but it was brought to my attention that these projects have really helped solidify my knowledge of all aspects of the market…and really do bring value to both buyers and sellers. So in light of that here is a little snapshot of what drives my wife nuts.

I’ve never been one that was good at sitting still. When I worked at Boeing as the wing skin designer on the F-22 program, I was also climbing mountains, building and racing human powered submarines, fixing up my house (at the time potentially the worst house in Greenlake), and earning my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do… Somewhere in that middle of all that stress I got married and started a family.

  • Mr. Brandt Builds a House

Building on Snoqualmie Pass

I developed four Zero Lot Line Townhomes at Snoqualmie Pass. The goal was to build three and with the profit pay for the fourth (which I intended to keep). Now that I have a place in the mountains I’ve sold quite a few properties from a chairlift – see www.SnoqualmiePassCabins.com

My First Flip

That first home I’d mentioned in Greenlake sat on a commercial lot…I saw a huge upside in that…the agent I had at the time saw it as a detriment. I turned that 119k home and the neighboring 165k home into over a million dollar sale. With that money I started a few other projects (and bought a replica 427 Shelby Cobra).

Then Came the Short Plat

My first short plat was in Sammamish (a short plat is when you divide a lot into four or fewer smaller lots). This project, and another two blocks away, has taken some time because I decided to wait for sewers. Rental homes partially offset the mortgage…but eventually I’ll be able to sell the houses and have quite a few vacant lots to build on (or sell).

Mr. Brandt Builds a House

So after building in Snoqualmie Pass, I decided to build homes myself on the Sammamish short plats.  I got my contractor’s license, building permits and started the dirt work.  I plan to build a home (or two or three).

Over the last few years I’ve had a few homes built in Ocean Shores. I worked to design a house plan (melding my engineering with my real estate knowledge) and came up with a plan that we could build for less than $100/sqft and sell for about $180/sqft. I learned a lot, but, there are so many opportunities in King County…there is no longer a need to build that far away.

In addition to those projects I’ve purchased at Foreclosure Auctions, Private Party Auctions, and Shortsales. I’ve rehabbed a few homes, built a shop, and continued to keep my fingers on the pulse of the market. In the end these sidebar projects make me a better more rounded Realtor;  serving your needs better.

There is no shortage of opportunities to make money, and have fun. If you want to put my knowledge to work for you don’t hesitate to call.

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